Is there a way my teeth can be fixed within six months?

Hey Dr Moore. I have a few problems with my teeth that need fixing as soon as possible. I have two front canine teeth that are like fangs, they are based more forward and higher up than all my other teeth. I also have crooked teeth on the front at the bottom. To be honest i have never really looked after my teeth and have 5 fillings already. I just wanted to know if there is a way to straighten them mainly the top two and if so can it be done in 6 months? I don’t like the dentist which is why i never go and i know for a fact my teeth need a good sorting out.

I look forward to hearing from you and hearing if this is something that can get sorted or if I have to just deal with my smile putting all my photos of me to shame!

thank you for your time.


Hello there, It sounds like a brace would work quite well, 6 month smile braces are usually very quick. I hope this helps and good luck with future treatment. 
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