Is There A Surgical Alternative To Braces?


Im 16 years old and i still have two of my milk teeth (canines), I have gaps in all of my top teeth apart from the front two. My two adult canines have now come through my gum and are slightly covering the top of my two milk teeth canines because the adult teeth have no where else to go. My dentist has said i need a brace however it is really knocking my confidence that all of my friends have had their brace on and off and have perfect teeth and i am very aware my teeth are still not very nice. The tooth to the right of my two front teeth is pushed back from when it came down whilst a baby tooth was still there. I was wondering if there was a quick way, maybe surgery? In which i could have my milk teeth removed and adult teeth pulled down. Also a quicker way of bringing the pushed back tooth forwards?

Unfortunately I am afraid that there isn’t a quick way. I know it’s difficult but my advice definitely be to just go for the brace.
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