Is The Hole In My Tooth Dangerous?

Hello Doctor, I was wondering if you could help me out at all. My problem isn’t too urgent I don’t think, but it has been bugging me for a little while so I’d like to have it cleared up. Basically, I have a small hole in one of my top front teeth. It is on the top near the gum. It doesn’t hurt or grow bigger. It just stays as it is. It may be a cavity but don’t cavities hurt and get bigger ? I was wondering what this might be and if the dentist can fill it . I don’t know what it is because it has stayed the same size for many years now. It hasn’t hurt. And the last 1-2 times I went to the dentist, I had it and he has said nothing about it.
Hello, thank you very much for your question, holes, even if they are painless can still be very dangerous for the overall health of a tooth. It definitely needs to be checked by a dentist and sealed to stop bacteria entering the tooth and causing more problems later on. So definitely go and get a second opinion I would advise.
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