Is Surgery the Only Option for my Son’s Lower Jaw Misalignment?

Hello Dr Hughes.
My son is 17 years old. His front two teeth are coming outwards onto his lower lip. I know we’ve left it late, we should have had braces put on him when he was younger. My worry is the orthodontist referred him to hospital and they gave us an option for him to have surgery to align his lower jaw. I’m concerned about this surgery. Can I ask you if there is another option, just so the front two teeth can be worked on through cosmetic dentistry? I await a reply. Many thanks.
Hi, thank you for reaching out. Sometimes, a large jaw discrepancy can be ‘camouflaged’ by orthodontics alone, and this might require some extraction of teeth. But there are limits to what can be achieved. I think you should seek a second opinion from a very experienced orthodontist, privately.

The surgery, if indicated, can produce amazing transformations and is done so often these days that the risks are low.

Best wishes,  Mark.

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