Is My Bridge Making My Mouth Taste Bad?

Hello Doctor Mark Hughes, I hope you can help me. About a month ago I had a four crown bridge fitted & also one single crown. Now i have a horrible taste in my mouth that seems to be getting worse. it feels like it is coming from the bridge but i cant be sure. There is no smell. Is this normal & will it go away. Will it poisoning me? I floss & take good care to remove any food from under the bridge. I have also just lost an old gold crown which has not yet been replaced though it dosnt feel like the taste is coming from there. Any advice you could give would be greatly appreciated. I look forward to reading your response and thank you in advance 
Hello, I would need to see you in person to be able to answer your quesitons accurately – it could be many things causing that taste. Why don’t you go back to your dentist and ask his/her professional advice?

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