Is My Bone Graft Likely To Be As Troublesome As My Dentist Says?

Dear Andrew,

I have a question about bone grafts for a dental implant (upper left molar).

I am told by my dentist that due to bone loss I will need a bone graft to allow am implant to take. A 360 degree x-ray was taken.

I am however very concerned about the likelihood of the bone graft taking giving what the dentist said.

He indicated that for a 2 month period after the bone draft I would not be able to sneeze or cough (or fly/ swim) since this will dislodge the bone graft. He also said I would have bleeding from my nose from the sinus cavity.

Given at least in the case of coughing / sneezing these activities that are largely involuntary, I am left with the impression that a bone graft is highly likely to fail.

The dentist I saw did indicate he was not the one to perform the bone graft and as such I am unsure of the risks.

Any advice is appreciated.

Kind regards.

He’s being extra cautious I think as you wouldn’t normally be so restrictive for 2 months more like 2-3 weeks. Perhaps book in to see the guy who does the grafting to see what he says about the risks and benefits
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