Is It Safe To Place A 5-Year-Old Child Under General Anaesthetic?

Hi, I am writing for the problem of my 5-year old daughter’s tooth. Her tooth is decayed and had an infection over this tooth (swelling). I took her to the local dentist. She gave an injection there and immediately started to pull off the tooth. My daughter was screaming with the pain and I had to ask the dentist to stop it. It seemed to me that the anaesthetic didn’t work because she was screaming too much. Anyway, the dentist gave an antibiotic and my daughter took it almost a week. The swelling decreased then, but did not completely go away. I took her to another dentist because my daughter was not ready to go to the first one. I told the new dentist about the history. My daughter was scared on seeing the dentist and was not ready to open the mouth for a while. The dentist said he don’t want to take the tooth and it is better to go to a clinic where they will do general anesthesia and will extract the tooth.
My question: is it safe to do this in a 5-year old child? Is there any risk? Would it give any problem in future (affecting the development of brain)?
I would be very grateful for the answer. Thank you very much in advance.
You really need to discuss complex patient specific issues with the anaesthetist and dentist as all general anaesthesia has risks even if they are very small in most cases
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