Is It Possible To Have A Two Unit Bridge By Using A Small Molar As Support? I Have A Missing Tooth.

Dear Dentist. I have a missing tooth with a (hopefully) healthy small molar on one side of the gap and an old crown that I would not like to be fiddled with on the other side of the gap.
Is it possible to have a two unit bridge to fill this gap by using just the small molar as support? I do not like the sound of a Maryland Bridge but would a Cantilever Bridge be possible in my case?

Thank you very much for any information you may have.

Hello and welcome. The cantilever would only be advisable if the tooth it hangs from is suitably large and strong enough or else you risk losing either the bridge or the tooth as well. A better option would be using the tooth in front as well. If the “small molar” is a baby tooth it may not even be suitable as part of the 3 unit option. You should seek out an experienced dentist you can provide you with previous examples of their work. Why not run through our page on dental bridges for more information on the different types. I hope this helps. Regards, Mark.
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