Is it possible to get lip repositioning for my bottom lip?

Hello, i was wondering is it possible to get lip repositioning surgery for the bottom lip, i see a lot of queries about gummy smiles and upper lips but nothing about bottom lips in relation to surgery. i have lip incompetence, and when my mouth is at rest there is a noticeable gap between my two lips. i was wondering if anything can be done about this and what would it cost. i have a slight overbite which i will be getting surgery for nezt year but im worried about what my lips will look like once its done. will it look worse or slightly better. either way any information you can give me would be appreciated. thank you for answering
It may be possible that if you have the overbite corrected that the lip incompetence will improve . I would suggest that you start with an orthodontic examination and consultation first and go from there.



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