Is It Best To Shorten Or Lengthen My Front Teeth To Have Them Level?

Hello Dr Hughes, I have always had one tooth slightly longer than the other at the front and I am not very comfortable smiling because of it and I’m looking at ways of fixing it. What is the best way to fix this? Can I have this levelled out or a bit added to the shorter one? I am worried that if I have it shortened it might discolour and even eventually fall out, Could this happen? How much would a treatment like this cost or would you advise to leave it as it is? Thank you for your time.
Thanks for your questions. Either option you have suggested may be appropriate, or a combination of the two? It really depends on the severity of the problem. To lengthen teeth you have the following options:
Orthodontics, Bonding, Veneers and Crowns.  I would advise if you want to take things further then please visit an experienced cosmetic dentist to have an examination and to find out all the options available to you.  Kind regards


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