Is Gummy Smile Treatment Risky?

Hello Doctor Patel. Is gummy smile treatment risky? I understand there are risks with any kind of medical treatments but I would like some more reassurance please. Also, could you please tell me how much would it cost for this kind of operation?
and irrespective of my gummy smile how much can actually be corrected without the operation? It’s my friend, he’s having such a problem finding a form of treatment to help him fix his smile.. Just one more question, are there any specialist doctors in Ahmadabad city that can help? Thank you for any help in advance. I will pass the information on to my good friend. 
Hello there. Thank you very much for your question. Treatment of gummy smiles is quite common but often requires extensive treatment. The process is called crown lengthening and is often followed with veneers or crowns being placed on the teeth. I hope this helps and good luck to your friend who is receiving the treatment. 
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