Is any other fillings better than Silver fillings?

Q. My back teeth and top back teeth are filled with silver fillings. My dentist wants to replace them all due to some decay. I have requested white ones or cerac, however, he suggests that they should be filled with the usual silver fillings because they are stronger and lasts longer. I have one back tooth which is broken in half. My dentist has suggested keeping this tooth and filling the other half with silver filling and not undertaking a cerac fitting. I am not whether I want to replace my silver fillings but, he says white fillings don’t last long and are prone to decay, and he went to a cerac demonstration and did not think much of it. This is a private dentist which specialises in cosmetic procedures. Should I seek a second opinion? Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks.

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Thanks for your question. I think you are on the right lines, i would suggest a second opion. Silver fillings are strong and last well but as too are the new modern composites which are bonded to the tooth and also porcelain inlays and cerec as these are created to fit the cavity exactly. Each cavity can have several options so its best to get a dental proffessional have a look and give you all the options especially if your looking to improve the apperance.
i hope this helps

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