Implant has moved up after 2 years

Q. Hello Dr. Patel, I broke two of my front middle teeth in a fall when i was 13, it was like the two teeth got cut in half, so the doctor added some fillings in the gaps to make them look whole, after almost 5 years of going back and forth for checkups and refillings, the doctor noticed that one tooth was contaminated, he removed it and inserted an implant and did a crown for the one next to it, in between 6 months, somehow the implant took some part of my gum and rejected it i think, it caused a piece of my gum to fall off at the base of my implant, so my gum line is not even anymore, after the healing process he added the crown and the finishing touches on the implant and they looked pretty good, exceptfor the implant which had a gum colored base to replace the piece of gum that fell off, and thankfully i don’t have much of a gummy smile, after 2 years now, I noticed a slight difference in the height of my new teeth, either one of them moved a little bit up or the other moved a little bit down, it looks so awkward and doctor claims he has no idea how that happened. could you please enlighten me how that happens? Thank you

A. It is difficult to give you an exact cause without seeing you or photos and xrays to make a full assessment you are more than welcome to send me some. Changes in length could be due to a change in the bone density surrounding the two teeth causeing them to move.

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