I’m Worried I Might Have Pulpitis As I’ve Tried Different Treatments And Gum Is Still Swollen. What Do You Think?

I have had problems with the one front incisor tooth since October. I flossed one time at night and I pulled the floss too hard and my gum started to bleed. I didn’t think anything of it but then after that the tooth has been hurting. I’m not sure how long the gum has been swollen but it has slight swelling near that tooth, nowhere else and the swelling has been the same. It also has a lot of pressure there, is sensitive to hot and cold and the gum used to be very irritated, which has only just calmed down now after trying different mouthwashes. I have been to the dentist a number of times and she did an X-ray but couldn’t find anything. I first thought that it was just a swollen gum due to a cut I had on the gum but the cut healed. I have also taken antibiotics twice from the doctor because I was getting constant flu like symptoms since October. I recently went to the dentist again and explained that the problem could be due to a cracked tooth, as food was getting in there causing my gum to swell, which she just put some filling on. She said she didn’t understand why I was getting all these symptoms and she didn’t think the gum was swollen due to the fact that it looked pink and it looked normal but when I feel the other parts of my gums, they feel normal except for this one. She didn’t even do another X-ray just to see if anything had changed since I last had the X-ray. I am worried that it may be pulpitis, as I have read that the symptoms are the same as I’ve been getting. Do you think it could be pulpitis especially since the problem has been there since October?
Hi. It could be pulpitis but it could also be an infection. I would advise that you seek help from a specialist endodontist who can assess if it’s pulpiits and/or a pulpal infection. If it’s an irreversible pulpitis or a pulpal infection then the tooth could require a root canal treatment. If it’s a root fracture then you may need to have the tooth extracted.

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