I’m Want To Know The Length Of Time It Takes For My Braces To Work Before I Go Back To School?

Hello, I received ceramic braces a few weeks ago. I’m very worried because before I had braces, my two front teeth were at the same level. Now, the right tooth has become longer than the left one. I have to go back to school in August and I’m concerned, I don’t want people to make fun of my teeth when I talk or open my mouth to smile. I want to know how much longer I have to wait for my two front teeth to become the same level? Thank you for your time and help you can advise me.
Hi. Hello and welcome, this is a common worry with younger people when they first have braces fitted, I think it’s best to ask your orthodontist, who I am sure will have answers to these questions. Sometimes things get a little worse before they get better with braces. You may need to patient, I am sure your teeth will end up in a beautiful position when it’s all done but you shouldn’t be afraid to ask the dentist treating you for advice at any stage of your treatment.
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