I’m Unhappy With My New Implants,Should My Dentist Alter Them Because I Am Not Happy With Them?

Hi, I have had an implant in my UL 1 and a connecting bridge to my UR1. I had the fitting on December 20th 2012 for the first time and am not happy with the overall appearance of them. the front surface area is too rounded for my liking and I would like them flattened of.. also the ‘v’ between the 2 teeth is very high giving the appearance of the 2 front teeth looking very block like! I have asked my cosmetic dentist for these changes to be made as I am not happy and have payed 9,000 pound for the smile I wanted. he has refused me on the basis that he thinks they look fine. I am in belief that if I am not happy and the work can be done then it should be?
I would personally make sure you where happy with the final result if you where my patient so maybe go back to see what they can do, its probably just a minor change. It may also be a case of not being able to change the position of the teeth relative to the lip, you need to speak to your dentist to see if there’s anything they can do.
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