I’m scared that after having braces some other dental issue will come up! What should I do?

Hello Doctor Moore! I am a little worried about going to get my teeth fixed. The bottom canines are crooked and when I close my mouth, my top teeth sit over my bottom ones (Is that considered an over bite?) I am worried about the procedure and the pain I would have to endure when receiving dental treatment (I have dental phobia too). I am also worried in the case of just asking for my teeth to be be straightened out would of course lead to having them re-aligned but the dentist finding further complications too. I hope I haven’t confused you with this information! (: As usual we all have financial worries so anything regarding payment options would be great!! Thank you (: (:
Hi, thank you for your question. Braces such as invisalign might work in your case. Why not try looking for an invisalign dentist in your area for a plan and quote? I hope this helped, good luck.
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