I’m Put Off By The Dental Prices To Fix My Crooked Smile. What Is The Cost Of The Six Month Smile Treatment?

Hi, Dr Hughes. I have severely crooked teeth due to overcrowding, a couple are slightly twisted with one tooth pushed behind the rest, I had a consultation with a cosmetic dentist a while ago but was put off by the prices! This is causing me to suffer from a very low self esteem because I feel uncomfortable when I smile and would love to have this problem fixed. Would it be possible for me to have the six month smile treatment? I also have limited means, so I would only be able to pay monthly. How much would this cost (monthly) approximately.
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Hi, It may be possible to have 6 months smiles, however I can’t really say until I see you in person. Costs can be spread either interest free or for longer periods (3-4 years) with interest. Often this amounts to less than a coffee from Starbucks each day. The C Fast system may also be suitable and is very quick indeed.

You should go for a complete consultation to first assess suitability for the best procedures and then the finances can be arranged for you. We offer a complimentary consultation in my practices and many other practices also do this.

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