I’m about to have several teeth extracted but why do I have to wait weeks for my new dentures?

I have finally visited a dentist after 20 years, knowing that many teeth have to be removed. My dentist is nice, but I dont think she realises how terrified I am and have been. I have had three teeth out already, and have a temporary denture, which is white compared to my teeth. Thats okay, I can cope with that. I now have to have five more out. The two front ones and either side. She says I will have to hibernate for a couple or so weeks while I wait for my dentures, but that is putting me off having the teeth removed, never mind the terror I feel about the removals. Also there seems to be choices as to the materials the teeth are made of, which she has not given me the option of. I only know this because i have been researching as you do. A little bit of knowledge and all that. But at the end of the day, its my look and mouth and face. I am worried. Can you help with my concerns.
I would always try to keep the patient with teeth, if possible make a new denture or add the teeth onto the existing one in a day. That way you’ll have teeth back in on the same day. You might also consider using sedation to help you relax during the more complex sessions? Speak to your dentist to see if they can come up with other options
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