I’m 63 Years Old And I’m Looking For Advice. My Top Teeth Are In A Bad Condition. Is It A Waste Of Time To Seek Treatment Options At My Age?

Hello Dr Hughes. I am 63 years of age and have wore a denture since I was only 12. I had my front three teeth taken out after they had discoloured after banging into a lamp post. In those days that’s what they did. Through wearing a denture all this time my other top teeth are in bad condition. I suppose at my age it is probably a waste of time doing any thing much, but emotionally I have had my fair share of misery regarding my teeth and I need to some expert advice. What you think would be the best option? Many thanks.
Hello and thank you. Please seek out treatment from a very experienced cosmetic dentist or a restorative specialist ideally in your area. It all starts with a detailed examination and treatment planning to ensure the establishment of excellent dental health first. Age should not be a barrier and I’ve had many patients come to me who were a lot older. It would be difficult for me to tell you which treatments you need without seeing you in person. Regards, Mark.
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