I’m 20 Years Old, Can You Recommend A Brace System For Me?

I would like to ask if you do braces?
I’am 20 years old and been thinking to apply them to my teeth from long time ago.
From my viewing my front teeth on one upper set is slightly awry, as well as the one next to it.
And on the lower set there also three teeth that doesnt seem to be in the right positions.
I would like to know how much would this cost, and for how long I would have to have them on my teeth.
Thank you.
Thank you for your questions.

There are a myriad of orthodontic options available these days. Removable clear ‘aligner’ type braces, fixed braces, white braces, lingual braces etc etc. So the cost will vary depending on the type of treatment you choose or which is best for your case. Complexity of treatment will also vary greatly from one patient to the next and this will also obviously influence your fee. Different practices may have different fees , depending on the skill, qualifications nad experience of the dentist or orthodontist.

Si it’s basically impossible to give you an accuarte quote , until you are seen in person and we can examine and assess you properly , and also have time to discuss all the options suitable for you.

The best thing to do is to arrnage a consultation with an expert in your area. Sometimes these are complimentary. Prices for orthodontics for adults will range from £1500 up to £9000.

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