I would like to replace my gold crown and wish to know more information about the crown and the cost involved.

Hello Dr Moore. Today I have been for a check up with my dentist. I was informed that I needed a new crown. The present one is gold. The tooth that needs the crown is at the back of my mouth. I am a NHS patient I wanted to have a gold replacement however, I was adviced that the NHS do not replace gold crowns with gold and If I wanted gold I would need to be a private patient. Instead I would now have to have a silver.on NHS so I asked what materials and metals were in the crown . The dentist was not able to answer my question.Nor could anyone else at the surgery. I was told to check online.
Also I was asked to pay for the treatment before any work would take place. I have paid £209 is this usual practice? I have never paid upfront before.
Thank you for your question. Payments are an individual choice of the practice so I can’t really comment. I think the only material of choice is a silver/gold crown on the NHS for a back tooth
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