I Would Like To Know More About Veneers And The Processes I Would Need To Through When Paying For Treatment?

Hello Mark. I’m looking to get veneers but I’m not sure what type I need as my teeth are quite badly discoloured. My teeth are not in the greatest shape. If I have veneers placed over my bad teeth will they rot underneath? I’m 20 years old and I don’t smoke but I don’t want veneers that will not last. Also is it possible to get veneers on finance, if so what do I have to pay? Does this involve a deposit plus the monthly cost? What is the process of having veneers fixed? Thank you.
Yes. It’s possible to finance veneer treatment. Sometimes a deposit is required but not always. Try to find an experienced cosmetic dentist in your area, who offers a payment plan which matches your needs. You may have to contact more than one practice. If you would like to know more about Veneers and what the treatment involves you can find information through this website. Hopefully this will help you clarify things before you go for a consultation. Kind regards, Mark.
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