I Would Like To Know How Much It Is For White Fillings And Whitening Treatment?

Hi Dr Moore, I had a filling in one of my back teeth on left side upper set. But randomly the front of the tooth has gone so I can feel the filling and looking at it I can see the black filling. Quite gross! I wasn’t sure what can be done but I wanted to know if a crown or a white filling could be done and wondered how much it would cost. I also wanted to ask the cost of having white fillings replaced on another tooth, and also a deep clean and possibly whitening all over. I hope you can help.
Hello. Without seeing you I can’t quote on prices. The best thing to do is to go along to your dentist and get a thorough examination and treatment plan with all the relevant fees. If you don’t yet have a dentist in mind I would suggest you find the various clinics in your area through the various directories and compare prices which they will probably have on their websites. Thank you for getting in touch I hope this answers your enquiry.
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