I Wasn’t Provided With A Retainer After Dental Treatment And Now I Require More Dental Work, Please Help!

Hello Sir,
I’ve had a previous orthodontal treatment about ten years ago and now that treatment has lapsed due to the retainers which weren’t given in the end of the treatment. This is an open bite case and now the acclusion isn’t happening on the molars. They have suggested a cosmetic surgery to correct it by rotating the molars as the muscles near the chin only is enabling the balance of the teeth. I am kindly asking for your opinion on this as I feel it is slightly extreme. I don’t understand why I wasn’t given a retainer at the end of my treatment, because I’d never had any orthodontic treatment before I did not know what to expect. Thank you for your advice. 
Hi, thank you for your question. Due to the complexity of your case I think you should come for a consultation with my in house specialist orthdontist so he can give you a second opinion and advise you accordingly. I hope this helps answer your question. Best wishes


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