I Was Head-Butted When I Was Young And This Has Left Me With Many Problems, What Type Of Treatment Should I Be Looking At?


I’m looking for some advice really. When I was young I was head-butted in the chin which forced my bottom teeth into my top front teeth and cracked away all the edge of my teeth leaving them rough, uneven and sensitive.
I also have vertical cracks running along all my teeth and they are extremely sensitive to hot and cold even simply breathing in through my mouth causes me pain and discomfort.
The shape of some of my top teeth are also bothering me my incisors are extremely round and chipped and my canines are very sharp and pointy looking.

I have a feeling that this could be down to my hatred of calcium (milk) when growing up as a child and feel that they may not have developed properly.

Any advice?

I’d advise a face to face consultation with an experienced cosmetic dentist so they can be looked at properly. There are many ways these problems can be addressed, from composite bonding to porcelain veneers or crowns. To give you accurate answers you should visit a local dentist. Thank you for your question.
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