I Want To Study As An Oral Surgeon. If I Studied For This In India, Would I Be Able To Use This Qualification Abroad?

Hello Dr Moore. I could do with your help. I have finished my BDS and I want to do a MDS in oral surgery. But ideally I would want to go abroad, but finance is an issue. Is there any way by which I can do MDS in India and then go abroad and practice with the same qualification? (esp. in USA or Canada). I know about DDS but is it worth going abroad and studying dentistry all over again?
I want to be sure of what I want to do before I commit to something. Also I have always dreamt of studying abroad but I don’t know what to do now. Please help me with this issue. Your advice would be greatly received. Thank you.
Hello and thank you for your enquiry. Unfortunately I don’t know the regulations in other countries regarding this so you’ll have to look that up by researching the internet and the relevant parties regarding this etc. Hopefully this will help you. I wish you luck in the future regarding this. Kind regards, Dr Andrew Moore.
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