I Want To Know If Implants Are The Sensible Choice After Suffering From Gum Disease?

Hi, Dr Moore. My problem is that I had quite aggressive gum disease recently but I’m now quite stable. The four front top and bottom teeth were badly affected.

I am wondering whether to extract these and get implants sooner rather than later? They would definitely look better but I don’t know if this is really the sensible choice – what should I consider?

I don’t know whether to seek cosmetic treatment first but think I would be happier with ” new teeth”. I am currently very good with oral hygiene and know I’d look after my implants if I got them fitted. Thank you.

Hello, I would say it’s often best to consider implants before any more bone is potentially lost, it’s in your hands whether to get this treatment and all cases are different so I think your first step would be to consult your periodontist, see what they say the best course of action is and go from there. I hope this answers your question. Kind regards, Dr Andrew Moore.
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