I want to change all my front teeth to silver colour dental grills?

Q. I want to change my canines and all my front teeth to silvery colour teeth, please can it be possible?

A. Hi S, many thanks for your enquiry, to change your front teeth to a silver colour is what i am understanding that you require.

There are two ways to achieve this. the first way is to have a clip on device called a grill made for your teeth which is made to the specification you require. This is removable and so if ever you don't want silver teeth anymore is not a major problem.

The second option would be to veneer your front teeth but instead of the veneers being made out of porcelain would be constructed out of a silver alloy. This is possible and is a fixed option so if ever you decided you did not want silver teeth you would have to have the work removed and replaced with an alternative ie, porcelain veneers. To create the room for the silver veneers the teeth would need to be prepared so drilled.

Hope this information is what you require.

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  1. Charlie says:

    How much will i have to pay to replace one of my front teeth with a silver tooth? (Permanent if possible)

  2. Stuart Hall says:

    Hi there i am thinking of getting all my teeth in to silver.
    Would i have to get all my teeth ripped out if so its ok.
    How -MUCH- would it cost alltogether to get all my teeth in to silver ?
    after i had my teeth in to silver would i have to wear a Brace to straighten my teeth for a couple of mounths ?

    Stuart Hall

  3. paul says:


    i would like to make 4 or 5 fillings and a few gold crown’s in my molars.
    some have white fillings, some are healthy teeth.

    is this possible?

  4. Emily says:

    Why the hell would anyone want silver teeth. Hmm attractive..

  5. haula says:

    Hello to all, my name is haula i want to have a sliver tooth i live in malaysia were can i get it and how much dose it cost and if so how long dose it take to have it.

  6. craig holt says:

    hello, i want a silver molar implant in the lower left side of my jaw its the front 1, how much would the tooth cost around please?

    ps i really dont like the look of gold for any 1 disputing why get a silver tooth its not the money ether id be quite happy with white gold or platinum too.

  7. Rachael Glover says:

    Hay i have my fourth tooth to the left on the bottom set that had a white filling when i was younger and it fell out by the time i had reolised it had fallen out most of my tooth had coroded and most of the tooth is now a silver filling id rather get it replaced by a silver replica than let it look grey and like ive left it.

  8. DECO says:

    QUIERO colocarme dientes de porcelana cuanto me costaria (todos mis dientes todos)

  9. ed says:

    have a tooth that is partically gray an its senitive what happned?

  10. ranjeet singh says:

    what is cost

  11. emaual says:

    I live in New Addington. Where is the closest dentist that do silver caps??

  12. Gerry says:

    hi there can you give me a few people that do silver fitted teeth in london. i am not willing to pay over £200

  13. sye says:

    can you tell me would it cost me any money to get a silver tooth in my gum as i have taken a tooth out,

  14. jonny says:

    to have a tooth made of silver on a titanium implant would cost between 2500 -3000 pounds

  15. jatin says:

    hai i would like to ask if i want to put one silver tooth it will cost me how much,

  16. Altair says:

    Hi i would like to have separate grills made from silver for just my 2 top canine teeth can this be done and what price am i looking at?

  17. jonnoi says:

    how much 4 the cheapest silver grill

  18. bob the builder says:

    Hello how old do you have to be to get sliver tooth?

  19. Miss Baboo says:

    I want a sliver tooth please mail the info.

  20. josephmarchisio says:

    I want indivisual silver front teeth dr. In memphis tn. Please help thank you an habe a nice days

  21. Mohamed Hussein says:

    Hi I would like a silver ring around my front tooth is that possible and how much

  22. James Vails says:

    I wanna get my K9’s plated in tungsten or sterling silver how much does this cost and a good place in ohio to get it done professionelly dont want no doc that is gonna half ass the job………

  23. Darrell says:

    Im Tryn to get all my front teeth remove becuz there bad in tryn to get sliver need to know the cost

  24. nawaz says:

    How much is it for a silver tooth or white gold

  25. pluv says:

    Hello I have a platnium tooth next to mt k9 tooth. I got it done @the dentist and it cost me 35o. I went in one day to get my teeth cut and went back 2days later to hav it put in

  26. Dale wallace says:

    The veneer on my front tooth has snaped again, it is always the same one, please could someone contact me about some options on replacements.

    Thank you very much Dale 07891072381

  27. Michael says:

    How much will i have to pay to replace my front teeth with a silver?

  28. a a says:

    how much will i have to pay to replace one of my front teeth with a silver tooth? (Permanent if possible)

  29. a a says:

    how much will i have to pay to replace one of my front teeth with a silver tooth? (Permanent if possible)

  30. yas says:

    yasI would like to put silver cover on my 2 teeth can u pls email me information

  31. Sentle says:

    Hy.people my name is Sentle I want to put a silver teeth in my lighten k9 so how much will ot cost me am looking for a fair price plz if any info plz call me or whatsapp me on 0810057734 bbm pin 29A81A44

  32. trompie says:

    Hi I was in a prison fight and crack my tooth so i want to replace most of my teeth with silver caps or the whole teeth with stirling silver, i don’t know where i can do it or how it would look like where can I get images?

  33. trompie says:

    And sorry i would like to know how much it would cost for 8 top front teeth and 10 down teeth to replace with the silver ones thanks

  34. Marius says:

    Hey I want to get my 4 bottom incisors in silver permanently can you give me a price estimate I’m in the U.S

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