I Want Natural Looking Cosmetic Treatment. Do You Know How I Can Achieve This?

Hello Dr Moore. I recently had a faulty dental procedure on my upper anterior teeth and I am extremely anxious and disappointed with the outcome. To explain what happened:
I had an extremely small cavity between my front upper anterior teeth whose fillings have been changed over the last couple of years because of staining. Approximately five months ago, I asked the dentist to redo that filling but she couldn’t acquire the right shade after three attempts. I was travelling for work the next day and I visited another dentist that was referred to me by a friend. This dentist literally sawed deep into my teeth, and after creating a deeper cavity, filled it and my teeth began to look bigger. So I went back to my original dentist and she removed the excess filling. While performing this procedure she chipped off a portion of my teeth.

I finally went to a cosmetic dentist that then refilled and bonded the chip but my teeth look big and bulky and artificial which has left me depressed and extremely sad. I had perfectly normal and natural teeth but this is the outcome. I would like to find out if you can help me achieve my goals at a reasonable price? How do I get this problem fixed before another dentist ruins my teeth. I don’t like the look of artificial teeth and the shape of my teeth. Please help.

Hello and thank you for your enquiry. I’m really not sure what’s happened here but it might be best to go back to your original dentist to see if they can return the teeth to the way they were within reason. If you go to see another dentist, discuss with them exactly what you want from the treatment and ask to see if they have previous successful cases. I hope this helps. Regards, Dr Andrew Moore.
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