I Want My Gummy Smile Fixing, Can You Help Me With This?

Hi,  I am very interested in having my gums cut and raised up, Gingivoplasty I think its called. I have a bit of top gum showing when I smile that I don’t like giving me a gummy smile. I’ve always had this gummy sort of smile and I’m fed up with it now, it makes me feel self-conscious and I just want to get rid of it! Can you please give me an estimate on getting this done and would you be available to do it the first week of August? I contacted you in the past to get a quote for a full top layer of veneers to hide my gums but this procedure is much more suitable for me I don’t think. Look forward to hearing from you. Just a general sort of idea would be great, thank you for the advice in advance. Kind regards. 
hi thank you for your question. I’m sorry but this procedure isn’t one i perform unfortunately, so I can’t tell you much about it. Perhaps conduct some online research? Or ask your cosmetic dentist for some advice? Regards. 
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