I want a smile madeover for protruding teeth

Q. Dear Dr Solanki, Hello I am interested in having my smile ‘madeover’ I currently have quite large, protuding front teeth. I visited an Orthodontist regularly as a child but was told my lower jaw was too small and it would grow. It has but, at 20, I am still not happy with the appearance of my smile. Is there anything you would be able to do to help?

A. This is a common problem we as dentist face day to day. The good news is that yes some thing can be done and in a relatively short time frame. Due to your large protruding front teeth, the ideal situation would be to spread the large sized teeth across your smile making the smaller teeth slightly larger to allow for the larger teeth to be made slightly smaller, giving you a more pleasing aesthetic smile. We would first take photos analyse your smile, wax your teeth up on a stone model and show you what your final result would look like. If you were happy with this then we would then carry out the work. The treatment of choice being eight to ten porcelain veneers. A veneer is a great way of treating this type of mouth as the preparation of the tooth is minimal and the results are generally awesome. You could also have tooth whitening in the lower jaw to then allow us to improve the overall colour of your smile. Hope all this is helpful.

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  1. Solomon says:

    HI there,

    I want more information about the protruding teeth I have. I like to see them properly aligned and now I cannot close the mouth properly. When I close my mouth my chin gets wrinkled because my lower lip has to cover the distance to touch my upper lip, after closing the mouth my two lips stick to each other as if the wooden pieces is separated after adding adhesive between them.

    If my teeth goes inside I will feel happy and wonderful to go for snaps which otherwise I would not.

    Please suggest something which will cost reasonably and would I look something different when my teeth go in or in other words will I look like ugly person?

    Please reply…


  2. Charles says:

    I am always ashamed of myself when i attempt to smile, because of my protruding front teeth. Infact i don’t know if i will ever gain confident in myself with such condition. Whenever i close my mouth, my teeth will sill show up.

    Please suggest somethin Imust do to gain confident in myself, because i intend to be a public servant. I am a good speaker, but i need to get the attention of my audience.

  3. Deanna says:

    can I ask what neeeds to be done to my protruding teeth…I will like it to be corrected as soon as possible and don not know if itrequires surgery. Also, can I know how much that will cost please… Thankyou

  4. Joey says:

    Dear Sir/Madam, I am looking to improve my smile and have already receiveda quote from another dentist. They have said I would need a brace before veneers can be done. I have one tooth which sticks out and needs pushing backslightly. Their quotation was around C2A31400 for the brace and C2A3300-350 per veneer. I am only looing to spend around C2A32500 maximum and for that would like 5-6 veneers. Can you provide me with a more competitivequote and include prices of 6 month brace. This sounds perfect! Please email me asap. Many thanks

  5. Ernest says:

    I’m looking for some advice on correcting my buck teeth. My front two teeth are quite a bit bigger than the others, and stick out a bit more too, though not at an angle. I would like to have them pushed back in line with therest of the teeth, though my teeth are a little crowded. Would also like some way of reducing their size, though did have them planed down a little when I was 14. Complicating this further is that I’m considering a slidinggenioplasty to bring my chin forward, not sure if that would affect any cosmetic dental surgery. Could you let me know how to fix up a consultation.Thanks.

  6. Jaron says:

    My top set of teeth are further forward and the two front ones stick out indifferent directions. As my teeth don’t meet when I bite together and cheware invisalign advisable?

  7. Chance says:

    I am looking for a quote for an invisable brace. I am looking to straighten1 tooth that sticks out and im not sure what the best solution is howeveri have seen the invisable brace advertised and it appeals to me. Hope to hear from you soon

  8. Kourtney says:

    Hello, I have previously had a brace but the crowding on the top row of myteeth has returned. I was wondering about prices and consultations. My second tooth along is bing pushed behind forcing my front tooth forward. I model and I’m really conscious about it, especially after already having braces in my teens, I certainly don’t want them again now. Looking forward to hearing from you. Kind regards,

  9. Amari says:

    I would like to enquire about getting braces. Iam 30 years old and when I was a teenager I had braces as my front teeth were prominent, I did not wearthese braces enough at the time however so the problem was not corrected.I now have a gap on both sides of the top of my mouth where two teeth wereextracted in order to pull my teeth back. Is there any procedure you have with invisalign or the Inman Aligner which I might benefit from

  10. Matteo says:

    Hello, I am unhappy with my front teeth particuarly my canine teeth which are protruding and the teeth before them seem to be growing backwards. Whatwould be the treatment options available to treat this problem?

  11. Brody says:

    I would like to know how much it would cost to improve the look of my two front teeth. They are out of proportion as they are alot bigger than the rest. I would also be grateful to know how much it would cost. Thank you.

  12. Danny says:

    . I am 25 yrs old and had braces as ateen and a few adult teeth taken out, but they have moved back over time :o( I would like to get these straightened and was looking at the possibilityof an Inman Aligner or Invisalign brace. Preferably I would like this donequickly (as I’m sure very patient wants) as I hate my smile. I am also interested in teeth whitening at the end of my treatment. I would appreciateit if you could email me a pricing schedule for your treatments so I can look at financing this.

  13. Bailey says:

    I wore a brace (tracks) for 2 years about 14 years ago. My top front teethprotruded significantly and I had 2 teeth removed to allow the tracks to work. They were corrected but now they seem to be heading the same way, although my mouth seems overcrowded still. Is it likely that a Inman Aligner brace would correct my teeth? Please would you also tell me the approximate price of this treatment? Kind regards

  14. Heidi says:

    Hello, I suffer from protruding front teeth (an overjet of 5mm) and have consulted several orthodontists about the possibility of braces treatment. However, recently, I was told at Eastman Dental Hospital that my teeth have short roots and therefore I should not get braces. I am now looking for alternatives and heard that all ceramic or porcelain crowns to replace my frontteeth may be an option. Do you offer treatment for protruding teeth usingporcelain or ceramic crowns? If you do, I would like to have a consultationto discuss treatment. Many thanks,

  15. Kaliyah says:

    My daughter – almost 21 – has prominent teeth. She wore a brace when younger and that did improve her teeth but she is still very unhappy with them. What would be a ball park figure for corrective treatment, please. I realisethis would be an estimate but a guide cost would help me decide next steps. Thank you

  16. Kasey says:

    Good afternoon I had braces as a child, I am 29 years of age now and am seeing a relapse in terms of overcrowding on my top arch. Put simply, one of my front teeth is protruding forward and out of line with the remainder. Mybite doesnt need to be corrected, its just purely the comsmetic appearanceat the front with the tooth needing to be brought back into line. I spoke with a specialist orthodontist based in Windsor who advised me that Invisalign treatment would be an appropriate course of action but the cost quotation was higher than I anticipated. I am looking to start treatment as soon aspossible so I wanted to ask what your price range was for both one arch and two arches. Thank you Regards

  17. Arjun says:

    Hi I,m a 23 year old mail. One of my front top teeth sticks out alot and issometimes uncomfortable I,m just wondering is it possible to have the tooth removed in order for an implant to replace it. If you can could you sendme information on how id set up an appointment. Thanks

  18. Grayson says:

    Hi, I just got braces off but im not happy as my teeth have gone a bit buck. I would like to fix this and I’m wondering what you would suggest and roughly how much it would cost and if it is also 6 month treatment.

  19. Braeden says:

    Could you please send me average costs on the 6 month smile treatment? Having had braces as a teen, now in my 30s, I do not wish to wear braces for along period. My teeth are generally straight but I have noticed my front right top tooth moving forward over the past year and feel it is becoming more obvious. I would like to have an idea on cost so I know if getting bracesis a viable option for me financially. Thank you,

  20. Susie says:

    Hello, I am a 50 year old female & all my teeth are pretty straight except the two top front ones which stick out due to lack of space so the small ones next to them sit slightly behind, and I have a large tooth 2nd from the back which has pushed inwards due to lack of space so it looks like I have a gap at the side when I smile, I think if this tooth had been removed when I was younger my front teeth may have gone into their correct position. I’ve had my wisdom teeth removed as I didn’t have room for them. My front teeth have crowns on them which don’t match the colour of my other teeth. Any advice on how I can get a straight smile as this has depressed me for years? My bottom teeth are perfect. Thank you.

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