I Used To Have Braces And My Teeth Need Straightening Again, What Can I Do?

Hello Dr Kalpesh Bohara I was wondering if you could help me with an issue I have had for some time, I had fixed braces put in when I 13 years old I am know 23 I got these from an NHS surgery, I wore a retainer for a year then, a fixed brace for a year. My first four top teeth have returned to the way they were before I had the fixed brace. This frustrated me no end as I now feel like all of the treatment before was a complete waste of time. My confidence has gone right down, what would be the best thing for me to do? I’m on exception at the moment due to having a baby so wouldn’t be able to afford the huge costs. Any assistance that you could provide would be helpful. Thank you.
Hi I understand that your having a difficult time with this, It sounds to me like you may require a teeth straightening treatment to straighten your teeth again. This time it is important to remember that retainers are for life. If you do not follow that, then there is always a risk of your teeth going back. I hope this helps.
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