i think i need screw in teeth as mine are in bad condition how much will this cost

Q. I’m on benifits and i think i need screw in teeth as mine are in bad condition, how much will this cost as i cant really afford alot and are there any alternatives ?? thanks

A. Your alternative is probably a denture. Implant retained teeth start from £2000. You should seek advice from a  dentist for a proper quote

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  1. Rob Wood says:

    I am on incapacity benefit for several illnesses.I also have Epilepsy for which I take the drug Phenytoin.I have taken this drug for 34 years and as a result it has shrunken my gums causing all my teeth to fall out,or having to be extracted.I am now on my third set of dentures.After about 6 months of wearing them,I find that yet again they become loose,and I have to use bucket loads of adhesive.My main concern is that as a diabetic,I have real trouble trying to eat.I thought it would work out cheaper to have permanant screw in teeth,rather than keep having dentures on a regular basis.Could you please advise me if I could be eligible. Thank you. Rob Wood.

  2. mary henderson says:

    Hi was wondering how much it would cost too have 2 screw in teeth and how long wouldit take to do thank you

  3. Ian says:

    Will the dentist carry out the work to replace rotten teeth with screw in’s for those on benefits, if so how long does it take, i assume there would be some sort of time period to wait for the bone to grow back in the gum for the screw in’s to take hold.

  4. kelly says:

    Hey there i have 2 teeth missing at the bottom i was wanting screw in teeth but my dentist simply said i will get a plate is this my only option? Thank you

  5. Brandy says:

    i want to pull all my teeth out and have the screw teeth instulled.. how much will that cost and how long will the preceeder take?.. thank you…..

  6. garry says:

    Hi there I have really bad teeth, some teeth have been removed in the past another 5 or 6 are to be removed now, looks horrible. How much would I have to spend for overall makeover?? Where would be the best place to go (I am based in Bristol) Thank you

  7. tella says:

    Hi i hav wanted my teeth done for ages, i am just woundering how much it would cost to have my teeth done?

  8. Lyndsey says:

    Im only 27 i had all my teeth pulled and now i have dentures. But to me i dont like them they are not fit right and they dont make me feel like the are natural. I am trying to find out how much the screw in teeth would cost me. I dont have an insurance that will cover it. but i really need to find another way to have teeth that i would be comfortable with.

  9. Sarah says:

    I have just had surgery. I had chronic infection in the bone – in the gum above capped tooth next to front one. It was very expensive. My face fells and looks dreadful – after 1 and hours surgery to replace bone in gum and have a bridge fitted, temporarily before screwin tooth. I am going abroad to work on August 7th – is it all posible fro new screwin to be fitted before I go – I had op on JUly 11th.

  10. Kirsty says:

    hey im 17 and i hate my teeth i havent got a smile and my teeth have been bad since i was a little kid & i had all my baby teeth removed because they rotted, now i have my adult teeth its happening again it started at my back teeth and now working to my front.. its pretty embarassed to smile and i feel even more low about it as being 17 i should have healthy teeth. Ive been to the dentist about it and they havent told me i have gum disease but gave me a book to read about gum disease. I would absoltutely love to have some screw in teeth or therniers be like a dream come true but as im only 17 i have no income. My dads willing it pay and has told me to look up on the internet for a price so im just wondering how much it will all be for all of my teeth to be done and does screw in teeth ever fall out and how long with this take? and would you know where the best place in england, nottingham?

  11. andy mcgregor says:

    ive lost my three front teeth and went to my dentist and i keep geting plates wot i realy realy kant were im realy down and deprest over this im working and only get 180 pere week im realy neading help and advice over this plz can you help

  12. Lara says:

    Im diabetic and as a result I’m Losing my teeth I’m quite willing to pay to have screw in teeth even though I’m on benefits I could do like a price plan, I’ve lost alot of confidence rarely go out the house my eye sight is poor I just want to be able to smile again with confidence I’m so down about it I’m only young too it’s got to the point now I think can anything else go wrong?! Can you help advice me in anyway?

  13. mark says:

    how much would it cost to have 10 top and 2 bottom teeth ,,, screw in type … thnx m

  14. James Conway says:

    To whom it concerns.
    I do not like dentures, I would much rather screw in teeth if that is possible.

    Many thanks for any reply.

    Kind regards

    James Conway.

  15. Donna says:

    Hi I am nervous of dentist but need all me teeth takin out lost front tooth and other one lose all others are bad plz can u help as want a new smile

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