I Seem To Have Chipped My Tooth And It Hurts My Tongue As It Has A Sharp Edge. Will I Need Surgery?

I seem to have chipped my tooth. When I run my tongue over, it has a real sharp edge and it makes my tongue sore. Will I need surgery or will it eventually smooth itself out? Just a concern that I wanted to ask you personally. Can I smooth it out by using something or just leave it? Can I buy anything from the chemist for a chipped tooth? Can there be an long-lasting damage to my tooth? Or could there be a concern it will it just smooth itself out in time? Hope it won’t need hospital treatment. Thank you for helping me out with this.
You need to go to a dentist and get them to fix it up for you before it causes the tongue to get worse. They should shape it down for you. If you’ve chipped the tooth it’s best to get checked out in case there’s any small fractures involved. DIY dentistry is never a wise choice and can result in real damage which can cost a lot of money in the long run. Your dentist can fix this. If you are worried, speak to your dentist about exactly what’s involved.
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