I Recently Had An NHS Veneer Fitted. I Am Most Upset At The Final Appearance As It Looks Bulky. What Are My Options Now?

Hello Dr Hughes. My question is about a dental veneer I had fitted by a NHS dentist 4 days ago, I had this done to replace an old veneer that had a fracture. I am most upset by the final appearance as it looks bulky and sticks out against my other tooth and the fitting feels wrong, I can feel air from the top of veneer, it’s hard to describe but it’s similar to the feeling of when you floss and you can tell you’ve flossed because you can blow air through the small gaps between your teeth. What are my options now as I am concerned I’m going to be stuck with what I’ve got? Many thanks for your help.
Hello. If your goal is to have an exceptional result I would advise you to seek treatment from a very experienced cosmetic dentist – the NHS is not there to offer highly aesthetic results so you would need to seek private treatment for this type of high level quality. If you opt to book a consultation, make sure the dentist can provide photos of previous cases of veneer work. It’s also useful to research a little bit more about what you need doing. This website has a good section on dental veneers. Regards, Mark.
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