I Need My Teeth Straightened After A Fight But I’m Worried They Might Crack, Could This Happen?


Let me first start by saying how it started, a few years ago when I was 16, I got into a fight and got punched in the mouth, it landed on my front upper tooth and now it’s been pushed back, it’s not major problem but I would like it straightened again so it will line up with the rest of my teeth, the only problem is that I am worried about is if there is crack across the centre of the tooth, would it still be able to be straightened? The crack isn’t major but it’s still there and I worry everyday that if I bite into something hard it could crack completely. Any help and advice will be appreciated, obviously I will not attempt to straighten it myself, I just want to know if it’s worth me making a trip to a cosmetic dentist?


It’s definitely worth you making a trip for an examination and consultation. In fact that’s how we’d be able to advise you properly and figure out what treatments would be best for you. The orthodontics should not be a problem and the tooth could always be repaired if there was a problem with the crack.

Best to come in for a consultation first with an experienced cosmetic dentist who also offers orthodontics. Best wishes


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