I Need Braces To Open Up A Space For Dental Implants. Can Braces Be Placed Over A Maryland Bridge?

Hi there, I had braces as a child to open up space for my missing lateral incisors to be placed with dental implants when I was old enough, now I am 18 years old and have been told I will need braces once again as there is not enough space in the roots for dental implants, I am getting braces to open up roots space for dental implants for my missing laterals which are currently replaced with a Maryland bridge, can braces be placed over the bridge I have? Also what is the estimated time for the braces to open up a few mm of root space?
Hello. Your situation is a common one. Enough space has to be created between the adjacent teeth to ensure there is no risk of damaging them when the implants are placed. The braces can be fitted straight over the Maryland Bridges, however if these are attached to both of the teeth adjacent to the spaces then one of the adhesive wings will need to be removed. Furthermore, the shape of the bridge tooth may need to be modified to allow the teeth space to move. The treatment time will be determined by how much space is needed and how far the teeth need to be moved. Canines have big roots and can often be stubborn so you may need to be patient. Best wishes, Dr Marcus Gambroudes.
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