I May Need A Denture To Stop My Teeth From Moving. I’d Like Know If Dentists Offer Payment Plans To Spread The Costs?

Hello Dr Hughes. I would like to have my front teeth straightened they seem to have moved with age. I had them straightened in my thirties the normal way with the metal ones and had superb results, yet 20 years on they have moved and I’m very self-conscious of them. My problem is that I’ve had some teeth removed at the back due to no fault of my own so I think this has caused them to move. So I may need a denture or something to stop them moving in the future. I’m sure this will be very expensive so I’d like to know if there are payment plans available at all?
Hello. Yes there is often a payment plan possible at most practices so you would need to phone around or look around the internet for quality cosmetic treatment. It’s important to find out what your dentist suggests in person first. I would need to see you to develop any idea of the time of treatment that would be best for you. If you’d like more information on the various treatments which may be of use to you, it’s worth looking around this website as it is helpful. Regards, Mark.
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