I m considering mini dental implants for my upper plate Plz advice

Q. Good afternoon. I am a 46 year old female and am having trouble adjusting to my upper denture. I have had a full upper denture for approximately 2 1/2 years. My original dentist removed my remaining 6 front teeth, and made my denture. After 6 months, he made another upper due to the shrinkage of my gums. The first set did not fit well, even with adjustments, so I ended up gluing them in until he made my second plate. The second plate did not fit well or look good at all. After repeated fittings and adjustments, I kept both upper plates and returned to wearing the original plate made. About 1 year after these plates were made, I went to affordable dentures and had a new upper plate made which was much better appearance wise, and fit alot better than the others. This has been a litter over a year ago, and I wore them for about 4 months before I started having to use adhesive to hold them in. I am considering mini dental implants for my upper plate as I have to use the adhevise several times a day to keep my teeth tight. I have spent what I consider a considerable sum over the years (approximately $3,800.00) for this work. How many posts would be required to hold an upper plate in position and would the implants do what I need them to do? Thanks so much for your time.

A. The specifics of the volume and health of the bone combined with the bite force and direction will determine your answer. You will need a clinical assesment for this.

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