I Have Two Loose Teeth. I Am Dubious About Implants. Would Bridge Work Be The Better Option?

I have two loose teeth – one at the front top and one at the side top. Because the front one is unsightly and protruding forward my local NHS dentist has suggested having a bridge fitted. Because I have had gum disease in the past my gums have receded and I am dubious about having an implant therefore a bridge seems the obvious solution. I am wondering whether I should have them taken out before consulting you or leave them in for your assessment. I would also be interested in the cost for bridge work on both teeth if that’s possible.
It would always be wiser to come for your examination and consultation before having anything definitive carried out, unless it is an urgent situation.

At this stage I’m not certain the implant solution is out of the question but what is imperative is to reverse or cure you before anything complex or ‘permanent’ is done, so you need to resolve the reason for the loose teeth. Do you have periodontitis and is it being treated? Bridge costs will vary depending on the type of bridge used, how many teeth it hangs from, what materials are used and how ‘perfect’ a result you wish to have. Costs will range from about £750 to £3000.

Hope that helps.

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