I have suffered from bad breath for years, it’s really getting me down, please help!

hello mark, i have had the same problem for years now – I have very very bad breath.. Am 35 I have bad breath since I was 13 and the older I get the worse its getting I go to the dentist every 3 months and I floss and brush every day. My dentist tells me scrape to my tongue and i do, every day! . I still have bad breath. After eating most times my breath smells and when I eat foods that affect my stomach. Right now I am considering to go to the fresh breath centre for help. Because now I have started avoiding social events. It’s that bad. I have tried everything and its getting me really down and i’m becoming more and more withdrawn. Please help me! 
Hi sorry to hear of your problems. Yes I would advise that you seek expert help for your problem at the breath clinic and maybe also seek a second opinion from another dentist or periodontist (gum specialist)  I hope this helps.  Regards


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