I Have Spaces Between My Front Teeth. As A Student I’d Like To Know The Ideal Treatment For Fixing This?

Hi Dr Hughes,

I have a question about my teeth. Basically my bottom teeth are fine but my upper teeth have spaces (gaps) between most of the front teeth. I’m really insecure about it and I want to do the 6 months smile programme. But I want to know how much the price will be for that and what is the best treatment I could have?

I’m a university student right now as well therefore I would be able only to spend maximum £1900 for my teeth. Therefore I wanna know the best treatment thats available for me please get my back to me if you can.

Thank you.

Hi. Firstly 6 month smiles may not be the most ideal solution for you. In fact sometimes orthodontic treatment is not the best or most aesthetic way to treat gaps – bonding or veneers can often produce better results for example if the teeth are naturally too small anyway.

Costs vary according to treatment complexity but an average for 6 month smiles is from £2500-£3500.

Why don’t you go and have a consultation with a very experienced cosmetic dentist and/or orthodontist or maybe have more than one opinion, to see what they’d advise.

Kind regards, Mark.

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