i have recently had a fall and my front tooth has broken off

Q. I have recently had a fall and smashed my face againt a wall, part of my front tooth has broken off which has now left the remainder of my tooth with a sharp point and looks awful. If i go to the detist will they be able to treat me right away, and what is the procedure to repair a chipped tooth. Is there any pain involved as i have a great fear of going to the dentists and avoid needles at all costs. And any idea of what the price would be.

A. The first thing is to have a proper asessment with a dentist – this would also need an Xray to check on what is happening below the tooth.  Following this your options for treatment are a simple filling, a veneer, a crown or ………..if the tooth is not savable a denture, a bridge or an implant.  The costs you will need to discuss with your dentist

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December 29th, 2008 at 08:47 PM
allen kerr Says :

how much does it cost to have the full works my teeth are pretty bad and a few off them need to come out id like to get them sorted because the front teeth are bad and i dont like to smile anymore please help thank you

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