I Have Neglected My Teeth And Now They Are Rotten. How Can I Get My Perfect Smile Back?

When my mother was living I had what my dentist use to call the perfect smile. My mother use to make sure I took extra good care of my teeth. She use to always say your smile is the first thing people see so you should always care about your smile. When she passed away I completely stopped caring for my teeth. I barely brushed them and I hardly ever flossed, I never liked doing that anyway as my mom use to do that. But I was wondering If I have really rotten teeth and some that have broken off, is it still possible for me to have a beautiful smile again like I use to when I was Fourteen.
Hi. If you are concerned about your teeth and the way they look, the first thing to do is to book and appointment to see a dentist. They will carry out a full examination of all your teeth and gums and discuss all your options with you. Most things are now possible in dentistry and I am sure you can have your teeth looking fantastic in no time. I hope this helps. Dr Marcus Gambroudes.
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