I have known for a while I will need braces

Q. Hello, I am 17 years old, and I have known for a while I will need braces. i go to an NHS orthodontist and have a removable brace. However, I have been told I need to have four teeth out. This is a big problem for me because I am terrified of needles and having the teeth pulled out. I have tried to have the teeth pulled out four times, twice under sedation. I would like to know if there any braces which I could have which would not need any teeth pulling out, as I would love to have straight teeth. Thank You.


It is usually possible to have the orthodontic treatment without extraction. You would have to go to a private orthodontist. Extractions can narrow your smile and put a strain on your bite. I have see it over and over again. Definately have a second opinion
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