I Have Just Had Braces But My Teeth Are Barely Visible When I Smile. Who Should I Speak To For This?

Hi Mark. First of all I am not who to contact about my problem; a maxillofacial surgeon, cosmetic dentist, my orthodontist, a facial plastic surgeon or
a combination of both. I just had my braces removed and I now have clear retainers.
Before I had braces two of my upper teeth were extracted. The problem is when I talk or smile my teeth are not visible
vertically and horizontally. I have to force my smile to see my teeth which looks unnatural. My nose droops downward, and looks
out of proportion when I smile, so I may need a rhinoplasty. I can provide pictures if needed. Thanks.
Hello and thank you for getting in touch. Please send your pictures to [email protected] addressed to my attention and copy the email you have sent and I will endeavour to get back to you with advice. It may well be that you need to see all of the specialists and clinicians you have mentioned to get the best results and all the opinions for you to make an informed decision. Mark.
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