I Have Had My Back Teeth Removed. Would A Valplast Denture Be A Suitable Option Or Do I Need Teeth To Hold It In Place?

Hello Dr Hughes. I need your help or advice. I have had all my back teeth removed on the left side of my mouth and I had a partial denture fitted today, would I be able to have valpast denture though as I have no back teeth to hold it in place. I do not like the feeling of this bulky plastic in my mouth and I’m gagging when I try to talk. I would like to try this other flexible treatment but I am unsure if I need other teeth the same side to hold it in for me. Thank you in advance for your reply.
Hello and thank you for your enquiry. It may be an option? It’s difficult to confirm however without examining you and seeing your dental condition in person. Why not see a prosthodontic specialist to go through all of your treatment options? Have you considered dental implants? If you’d like more information on dental implants and dentures, you can search this website for help with this. I hope this helps. Kind regards, Mark.
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