I have had dentures since I was 14 I need 6 top front implants how much will this cost?

Q. I have neglected my teeth of rmany years. I ahve had partial dentures since age 14. Now that dentistry has advanced so far I think it is time to get sorted. Is it possible to have top front implants after all this time? I think I would need six, any idea what the cost might be?

A. I am sorry to hear of your predicament. You are quite correct when you say dentistry has advanced and there are very few situations where dentistry cannot fix our patients problems.

Implants are a wonderful way of restoring a mouth back to its former glory. AS far as the number of implants required this is difficult to tell and obviously is a major factor in the price. To give you an idea of the cost implant dentistry can range from about £2000 to £30000. For 6 implants you would be looking to pay in the region of £12000 to £15000. This would also include the crowns placed on top of the implants.

The next step would obviously be to have an examination to assess the possibilities for you. Many practices such as mine provide a free consultation to give you a good idea of what those possibilities are.

Hope this helps.


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