I Have Four Impacted Wisdom Teeth. Should I Have One Removed Even Though It’s Likely To Cause Root Resorption?

Hi Mark. I have two questions, the first regarding an implant: Is there any risk of nerve damage even with the use of a CT scan?  And one when it comes to the wisdom teeth: I am 23 years old and I have 4 mesial impacted wisdom teeth. I believe that they are fully surrounded by bone. A dental surgeon told me that one of them is causing minor bone damage around the 2nd molar. Is that the equivalent to root resorption? Is this a valid reason for extraction even though bone would have to be taken to extract the wisdom tooth? How much do wisdom teeth typically move at my age and will they likely/inevitably cause root resorption of the 2nd molar since they are impacted and there is not space for them to erupt? Does the likelihood of these problems, justify extracting them now even though I am experiencing no symptoms, just to avoid the increased extraction risks?
Thanks for your questions.

Regarding the implant, where is it being placed? Regardless there are always risks and potential complications with any medical procedure but the CT scan should help minimise the risk. What is even more important is the experience and the skill of the dentist who will be carrying out the surgery.

If a wisdom tooth is causing root resorption on another tooth then extracting it is validated because if it is not removed you could lose the tooth in front of it and this is usually the more important one to keep. If it is impacted it will not move but will cause the resorption to get worse. Extraction is justified if the consequences of not doing so could result in additional tooth loss.

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